Q.  What types of businesses are NOT eligible?

A.  Franchises, multi-level marketing businesses, full service restaurants and businesses being purchased from another party are NOT eligible for WIN this Space.


Q. I am interested in launching a business with a partner – do we both apply?

A. No, one applicant will apply, but definitely cite that you’re a partnership and note the skills that the other person brings to enhance your idea and potential for success.


Q. What expenses are covered by WIN this Space?  What expenses would the winners have to cover?

A.  WIN this Space covers the cost of the lease, with payment made directly to the landlord.  Winners are responsible for utilities and leasehold improvements and equipment purchased.


Q. If I am a finalist, what is expected of me? 

A.  We expect your active participation and follow through. You will be required to attend 4 MANDATORY business training sessions, to be held on consecutive Tuesday or Wednesday evenings throughout the month of May. You will also complete a comprehensive Business Plan (with coaching available) and present to the judging panel in a LIVE finale – June 13th in Watford for the ‘Lambton Shores’ area space, and June 20th in Sarnia for the Sarnia space.  As well, be advised that you may be subject to a background check, including a credit check.


Q.  Where are the locations I can choose from if I win?

A.   We are securing interested locations and will update online as they are confirmed.  Be advised that these may change as the June finale approaches. Landlords may receive offers to lease in the interim and are not required to ‘hold’ properties, and decline a qualified tenant.


Q.  I had applied to WIN this Space last year. Are previous applicants eligible to apply?

A.  Absolutely!  Previous applicants are encouraged to apply again.