BEFORE you apply… a few things to consider:

There is COMMITMENT required throughout this process, including mandatory attendance at 4 three hour instructional business seminars (weekday evenings) throughout May; completion of a detailed Business Plan and a presentation at a LIVE finale. Only those serious about this opportunity, willing to do the work required should apply.

Tell us:

What is your IDEA? What is UNIQUE about the concept that could make a GREAT business? 

Be clear. Be concise.  SELL your idea.

You won’t have every detail, but the Judges will be looking for the following elements:

·       What is your product or service – offer specifics on what this entails

·       What do you project for revenue?  Remember, it’s not a viable business if you can’t cover expenses AND pay yourself

·       If you will be selling retail products, what are your margins?

·       Have you done surveys or market research?  Who are your competitors? What is your differentiation?

·       If you are already operating – explain your growth and highlight the present status of business

·       What will maintain this as a viable business in the longer term?

·       Will other staff be required?  What size of staff team do you project?

·       What funds will you invest into the business?  

What’s YOUR deal?

·       Why are YOU the right person to lead the business proposed?

·       Relevant education and training/ certifications

·       Do you NEED a storefront location?  For some it’s not necessary for success?

GOOD luck.  We look forward to receiving your application for WIN this Space!


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