BEFORE you apply… a few things to consider:

There is COMMITMENT required to succeed in this process, including mandatory attendance at 3, two hour Business Bootcamp instructional business classes (consecutive Tuesday evenings beginning April 16th); completion of a detailed Business Plan and a presentation at the LIVE finale the evening of May 16th.

Only those serious about the opportunity and willing to work hard should apply. If you don’t follow through, you’ve taken an opportunity away from another potential finalist!

The winning business will have their lease paid for year one, but we’re looking to support businesses committed to succeeding in the longer term. The winning business will also receive a one year membership for the Sarnia-Lambton Chamber of Commerce.

In your initial application, tell us:

What is your IDEA? What is UNIQUE about the concept that could make a GREAT business? 

Why do you need a storefront to execute your idea?

Be clear. Be concise.  SELL your idea!

You won’t have every detail, but the Judges will be looking for these elements to determine if you should advance as a finalist:

·       What is your product or service – offer specifics on what you propose. How will you make money???

·       What do you project for revenue?  Remember, it’s not a viable business if you can’t cover expenses AND pay yourself too.

·       ·       Have you done any market research?  Who are your competitors, if any?

·       If you’re already operating, explain your growth and highlight the status of business.

·       What will maintain this as a viable business in the longer term?

·       Will other staff be required?  What size of staff team do you project?

·       What funds will YOU invest into the business?  

       Why are YOU the right person to lead the business proposed?

·       Do you have relevant education, training or certifications?

·       Do you NEED a storefront location?  For some it’s not necessary for success!

GOOD luck.  We look forward to reviewing your application. Finalists will be notified the week of April 1st!


Please click and review the link below for critical information about WIN this Space!